• Beaver Creek Vineyard has survived the Middletown fire. Part of our vineyards burned but we are one of the few businesses still standing.
    If you would like to support us during the regrowth of Middletown please visit our winery or join our wine club.
    The tasting room will reopen Thursday September 24th from 11:00am to 6:00pm.

                           Beaver Creek Vineyards

  •   Mother Nature is Our Best Teacher

                           Beaver Creek Vineyards
  • Our Mission:

    Our commitment to the health of our Planet and it's Ecology is absolute.
    We grow our vines in clean, unspoiled earth, and make wine of the highest quality.

  • Our Vision:
    To make organic / biodynamic wine of the highest quality. Beaver Creek Vineyards
  • The Future is Now: Biodynamic
    Beaver Creek Vineyards
  •      Beaver Creek Vineyards,   22000 HWY 29,   Middletown,   Ca,   95461         Tel: 707-987-1069      Fax: 707-987-0169